Bairnsdale Reopening

Bairnsdale Reopening
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After 10 years and 8 months, Bairnsdale's Passenger train returned on May 2nd 2004. I was invited to ride the inaugural train which ran for officials and guests. Here's a few scenes from the day. Regular services began the following day.
The photos here were taken on my older digital camera.

Left: N468 City of Bairnsdale with a "Return of the Gippslander" headboard.

Right: Stratford station the night before its big day. A large marquee had been erected opposite it for the speeches. Show bags, PA equipment and more was left unattended for a while until somebody came to keep an eye on it.

Left: The Premier, Steve Bracks gives a speech at Stratford. Despite the large size of the marquee, there was not enough room for all inside. They apparently got the population of Stratford and doubled it to decide how big it should be.

Right: More speeches in Bairnsdale - in an even larger marquee.

Craig Ingram, Steve Bracks and Peter Batchelor pose for the cameras in economy class (BTN268 seats 55-57 for anyone who needs to know - and no, I can't believe bothered to note that either).
Left: The "Victoria" car.

Right: N468, City of Bairnsdale at Bairnsdale.

Left: While the inaugural train sits at the platform, the paying public still had to use the buses for one more day.

Right: Three V/Line road coaches stand at the upgraded bus terminal, Bairnsdale.

Left: Passengers enjoying one of the free shuttles to Lindenow South in first class.

Right: One of the shuttles arriving back at Barinsdale.

Left: Passenger information display and clock, Bairnsdale.

Right: N472, City of Sale ready for departure on the return inaugural train.

Left: N468 was at the east end of the 7 car train with N472 at the west end. This was to allow shuttle operation to Lindenow South where there is no run around loop. Both locomotives had "Return of the Gippslander" headboards.

Right: Much water was noted alongside the track after the recent heavy rains.

Left: Silver tray service. Apparent over-catering in the Victoria car resulted in antipasto bread rolls being distributed amongst passengers on the return trip.

Right: The train crawls across the Avon River bridge at Stratford. Note tight clearances.

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