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I've lived in Gippsland since 1981. So naturally I have more photos in this region than anywhere else.

L1158 collecting a GY that had been left on the goods loop siding 3 days earlier due to a hot bearing.
This has long been one of my favourite photos. I just wish I'd taken more photos of the L's.
Longwarry. (15?).10.86
S313 on an RTA tour to Sale. It is shown here on the Morwell Briquette siding just after crossing Commercial Road bridge.
S313 on the same tour. This time leaving the Maryvale paper mill.
Superchook. Ex Adelaide railcar set at Leongatha.
A class loco crossing Monash Way, Morwell with the paper train.
The crews of L 1158 on an up pass. and T378 on a down empty bike ride special change trains at Longwarry.
The Traralgon Tait-a-Thon special screeches and sparks along the little used goods loop at Longwarry. I was looking forward to photographing it leaving the down end of the loop (relatively picturesque) but incredibly, on a train full of electric traction enthusiasts, nobody seemed to know what the "Overhead Permit Ends Here" sign on the overhead wires meant. Worried that the train might become disabled, it reversed back out the way it came. The train had already passed the isolating switches. The signs were for persons loading wagons not to load past the signs when permission had been obtained to switch the wires off.
X 32 taking on water (through the Station Master's garden hose) at Longwarry.
Last day of electric trains to Warragul. ElecRail's Tait set leaves Warragul near Gallagher's Crossing.
L 1162 heading to Warragul on the last day of electric trains to Warragul. Taken at Red Hill, Longwarry.
 A81 - A 71 head a Maryvale bound paper train out of Yarragon. The leading wagon will be left at Morwell.
A81 - A?? Approach Morwell with the Maryvale paper train. Again, the leading wagon will be left at Morwell before the train heads to Maryvale.
The above train crosses Old Melbourne Road and enters the paper mill property.
EM100 runs back and forward over Kennedy St, Longwarry crossing.
X50 - S302 sit on the mainline at Moe whilst the crew starts B65 on a siding. This used to be a regular event for a while on the then lengthy briquette train. Quite why a loco was left here in the first place I haven't yet been able to find out.

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