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An assortment of photos that don't really fit anywhere in particular.

Yours truly on a VR inspector's trolley over Boggy River, Nowa Nowa. No, unfortunately it wasn't mine. A railway employee friend had obtained permission to ride the line in 1993 after the rails had begun to be pulled up from the Bairnsdale end. By the time I found him (by driving to each level crossing and checking the rails for crushed weeds) I only got to ride a short section at Nowa Nowa.
Unknown V/Line employee sets and locks the points for the mainline at Koala siding near Nyora.
A VOAA wagon in use as a bridge near Triholm, Vic.
Sign marking the site of the Koo-Wee-Rup - Strzelecki railway.
Cab of B 67 lying in Greville St. Prahran after being removed from Station Hotel.
Close-up of B67's cab in storage at Warragul sometime after it was located there.
The numbers were put in for the photo only.
It's not widely known that the panels on some locomotives are actually made from wood. Generally covered with aluminium sheet. But here's an unusual example of one hurried replacement showing woodgrain. G 530 at Traralgon.
What can happen when the panels get put on in the wrong order. At least it is still readable.
X 33 approaches Yarragon and passes through a somewhat distressed overhead portal structure. It had been hit by a track work machine. The wires were out of use, but it was eventually fixed anyway. The steady arm on the near side is not missing. It is still reaching toward the contact wire, but hidden behind the pole.
Time exposure of what may well have been the only set of boom barriers at a railway crossing in Tasmania in 1993. Oddly enough, protecting a dead end road to a hydro electric power station.
Emu Bay Railway, Bastyan Dam, Tas.
In Tasmania, I noticed that most point lever weights had TGR cast onto them. But at Western Junction was this one with "Zn & Nt Ds M Tram - 1896.  Nice to see that TGR found it worth hanging onto.
I am assuming this stood for Zeehan and North Dundas Mountain Tramway. Only the Mountain part I'm not so sure about. I just couldn't think of anything else. (I've since been informed that the 'M' stood for "Mineral" - thanks to John MacLeod for correcting me).
K '183' presents a strange sight as it sits on the old Princes Hwy at Yarragon. The loco was moved here after the first stage of the highway realignment through the town was opened. It had already been moved once earlier. The road was later dug up and landscaped so that you'd never know a road once ran there now.
The engine is actually K 162 as the real K 183 was swapped a few years earlier and restored for hauling special trains. Unfortunately it is out of action again after a fatal level crossing accident.
Former level crossing at the west end of Yarragon. Removed when the highway was duplicated.
View of rolling stock at Healesville.
Weighbridge test wagon at Australian Paper Manufacturers plant near Morwell.
Remains of an L class electric engine at Simsmetal, Brooklyn, Vic.
Elderly passenger carriage body at Foster Creek Railway, Jumbunna, Vic.