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I'm not much of an overseas traveller. In fact, so far I've only left Australia four times. Coincidentally, I've also been to Taiwan four times. So it's probably not too mentally taxing to work out where my four overseas trips were to.

Work train being loaded with sleepers at Chaoping station, Alishan. September 2003.
The very scenic and twisting Alishan Forestry railway rises over 2000m, passes over 150 bridges, through 50 tunnels, traverses a triple spiral and 2 zig-zags in just over 70kms. The 2'6" gauge line also travels from tropical to temperate climates.

Digital photo.
3'6" gauge R46 reverses out of Chia-Yi station with a works train as 2'6" gauge DL42 pulls in with the incredible Alishan "Express". September 2003
One of the Shay locomotives formerly used on the Alishan line. This one is part of the Alishan Train Hotel, a hotel converted from old railway carriages.
Taiwan Railway Administration E 200 class arrives at Chiayi with a southbound passenger train.
A northbound E 1000 at Chiayi.
E 1000 and Daewoo built EMU 500 short distance electric train.
Alishan train descending one of the zig-zag / switchback sections.
Alishan Railway's DL 42 rests at Chaoping station
Returning from sunrise watching at Chushan (it was foggy) the 8 car train departs Chaoping station headed for Alishan. The grades on the Alishan line are up to 1 in 16, so trains with more than 4 coaches have a loco in the centre of the train as well as one on the downhill end.
Having just run out of breath climbing up hundreds of steps on a forest path, I was suitably rewarded for my efforts by the unexpected sight of Alishan Rail DL29 returning from Chushan with an empty sleeper train. Unexpected as the only trains that appear to be scheduled on the line are early morning sunrise viewing trains.
The sunrises at Chushan are apparently quite spectacular with the mountain peaks piercing a sea of clouds below. Unfortunately the 'sea' level was too high during my visit (ie. foggy) but the train ride more than made up for this. I bought photos of the sunrises instead. :)
Far left: Some of the steps ascended to obtain the above photo. No roads here.
Middle: The substantial footbridge.
Near left: Just a sample of some of the terrain to be negotiated at Alishan.

We now return you to the railway photos.
Level crossing sign beside the Alishan Gou Hotel at Chaoping station.
There were a number of these new (but old looking) railway crossing warning signs at Alishan.
An E400 class electric arrives at Hsinchu.
Looking out of place amongst other more modern infrastructure were these older lamps.
E209 arrives at Chia-yi with a northbound passenger service.
Another E1000 series set departs Chia-yi station.
Interesting sign on the platform at Chia-yi. I eventually worked out (2 weeks later) that it referred to the exit subway being adjacent to the position on the platform usually occupied by car 3 of any passenger train stopping there.

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