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Taiwan September 2005

DMU set arrives at Taitung.
Ex Alishan Shay locomotive in a park in Chiayi.
R 110 at Hualien. It was moving to the front of my train, due to depart some minutes later.
DMU set at Hualien
Same DMU set departing Hualien
DMU set under a web of catenary.
The stations in Taiwan have numbers on the platform. The corresponding car number will usually stop beside the sign. This helps you know where to wait along the lengthy platforms, should you have a seat booking.
Interior of the last car (Car 1) on the same train. As this was the start of the run, it was actually empty. I was travelling in car 2 which quickly filled up.
DMU set at Taitung.
Older diesel railcar set arriving at Taitung new station.
R 110 heads for the Taitung locomotive depot after detaching from the train I had just arrived on.
R 110 at Taitung.
Subway at Taitung new station. The sign reads "GO THROUGH UNDERPASS SUBWAY TO PLATFORM AND GET ON TRAIN".
R 117 prepares to depart with a north-bound train at Taitung.
This is a typical platform sign in Taiwan. They give the station name in Mandarin and English as well as the names and distances to the next station in each direction.


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