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Disused Railways
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Disused Railways often make interesting photos. Here's a selection of my ones.

Caption details shall be added as I find them. :)

Orbost line near Nowa Nowa. Vic.
Orbost line.
Orbost. Looking away from the town towards the Snowy River flats. The road crossing is the former Princes Hwy, replaced by the concrete bridges in the background.
Orbost line at Bairnsdale. Taken looking away from the Mitchell River bridge toward Orbost.
Orbost line at Bairnsdale. Looking towards Bairnsdale and the Mitchell River. This is now the starting point of the Rail Trail.
Orbost line at Princes Hwy, east of Bairnsdale.
Williamstown Pier. Vic.
South Gippsland Highway, Hedley. Vic.  Interesting the amount of growth here. The rails and picket fences have since been removed, leaving no obvious trace that a railway ever went through here.
Barry Beach line looking towards the Welshpool line at Agnes. Photo taken at Barry Road level crossing.
South Gippsland Hwy, Meeniyan, Vic.
South Gippsland Hwy, Koonwarra, Vic.
Turntable, Nyora, Vic.
Disused rails meandering through a car park. Former wharf line, Hobart, Tas.
Sidings at Maffra, Vic. The yard here was rather extensive for the size of the town.
Old road overbridge at Crossover on the former Noojee line. Vic.  Yes, trains once ran under it.
Former Cunningham Pier line, Geelong, Vic..  Must've been an awfully dangerous crossing when it was in use.
The short-lived Webb Dock line appears in good condition, no doubt  due to it only having been built in the 1980s and closed in the 1990s. The line under Westgate bridge is isolated now, each end of the line having been dismantled to allow development to occur. Vic.
A view of the Webb Dock line crossing Williamstown Road. The view today is very different. I shall add a more recent view here later.
Remnants of the VR broad gauge lines and sidings can still be found around the Yallourn Power Stations area.

Yallourn, Vic.

Stratford Junction. Taken looking along the former Maffra line bridge towards the junction with the Sale - Bairnsdale line, Vic.
Disused siding curving away from the Gippsland mainline at Wurruk, near Sale, Vic.
Glengarry Railway Station. The building has since been restored. Vic.
Queenscliff line near Moolap, Vic.