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A selection of photos from some of my infrequent visits to NSW.

82 - 81 - 48 class locomotives speed a motley collection of grain hoppers through Branxton.
Triple 90 class locos hauling a very long empty coal train through Branxton station.
A pair of 90's slowly gather momentum through the dip at Greta with a long coal train.
Three 90 class locomotives slowly draw their train away from a coal mine near Singleton. I videoed this train as the locomotives appeared in the distance. It took just over 15 minutes before the last hopper disappeared over the crest of the grade.
Triple headed 82 class coal train about to be overtaken by a pair of 600/700 class railmotors as both trains leave East Maitland station. Note the disused platform for the former Morpeth branch curving away to the right.
It's sort of fitting that my first NR class photo was of NR 1, seen here approaching High St station, Maitland. Although it was my first photo of an NR, it wasn't the first time I'd seen one running.
BHP train at Port Kembla steel works.
XPT at Sydney terminal.
DEB set at a wet Picton station.
TNT Harbourlink Monorail, Sydney.
Tangara double deck train set.
86 and 85 class engines at Lithgow.
4887 with a short trip train from Albury to Wodonga (yes, yes. This should be in the Victorian section technically).
44 class loco awaiting scrapping at Junee.
A 48 class scurries around Junee loco depot area shunting wagons to be scrapped as a submerged wagon quietly rusts away.