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All photos taken in late 1993.

Bush Mill Railway. 15 inch gauge railway at Port Arthur. The locomotive is a half size replica of K-1, the world's first Garratt locomotive.
On an early morning empty coal train to Fingal.
Wee Georgie Wood on a section of the preserved Tullah tramway that once provided the only connection to the west coast town of Tullah.
The "Goliath Express" arrives at Devonport with the Devonport - Railton Goliath Cement shuttle train.
ZB9 passes ZC11 at Devonport.
ZC11 with the Goliath Cement train passes ZB14 at the head of a goods train. These two locomotives were the only ones in the reverse yellow / green AN livery at this time in 1993.
ZC32 at Western Junction.
ZA3 eases a northbound goods over the Derwent River at Bridgewater.
4-8-2 locomotive H2 at Claremont after a run to Maydena. Apparently this was the last time the train would run from Claremont, being based at New Norfolk after that time. I turned up on the morning of the run and managed to get the very last seat. My 2 accomplices drove alongside and videoed the run.
Battery mining train emerging from the Pasminco mine at Rosebery.
Empty Emu Bay Railway train heading south for another load of ore.
EBR train crossing the impressive bridge at Bastyan Dam.
Same train on its return trip towards Burnie.
Veteran carriage at Launceston loco depot. There were all sorts of goodies here as there was to be a huge 3 day auction of almost everything at the depot soon after we were there. Unfortunately we weren't able to spare the time to attend. But picked up a few lesser pieces during our visit.
This X class loco was apparently driven to St Mary's and left there. The rails torn up behind it. Seemed such a waste. It was in very good condition when I took photos of it, but already vandals had smashed all the gauges in the cab. I hate to think what condition it is probably in today.
Ida Bay Railway. The Malcolm Moore tractor was in a bad way during my visit. It was blowing more smoke than a steam loco and ran out of fuel twice on the return run.
The southern most point of any railway in Australia. Ida Bay's 2ft gauge track heads to sea. There had once been a pier at this location.
Rough track on the return loop at Ida Bay.
Bush Central?  A platform along the Ida Bay railway.