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Just an assortment of railway photos I've taken in Victoria over the last couple of decades.

Z 526 - Polly. This locomotive was statically preserved and now resides at Scienceworks Museum. A special event at Steamrail gave a rare opportunity to photograph it coupled to the almost as rarely seen Veteran  4 and 6 wheeled passenger carriages.
J 512 sitting on a siding at Alexandra, 1986.
W2 644 at Bylands tramway museum as a former Tait M car looks on
Z class trams at Bendigo.
K '157' steams over Muckleford Creek with a short goods train bound for Maldon.
NR class loco crossing the Rainbow Rd near Dimboola.
Double headed G class locos with freight pass under the Western Highway as they leave Dimboola headed for Adelaide.
GM36 rests at Seymour Railway Heritage Centre.
Assorted early bogie and 4-wheeled rollingstock at Castlemaine.
West Coast Railway's S300 heads towards Spencer St station.
S300 some time later heading a Warrnambool passenger train.
Puffing Billy mixed train on the famous Monbulk Creek trestle.
In 1978, C505 roars through Gerang Gerung
Scanned from slide.
Y104 has stopped its very short roadside goods at Gerang Gerung in order to pick up about 15 GY wagons laden with wheat.
Scanned from slide.
A71 at West Coast Railway's depot at Ballarat East.
September 6th, 1986 saw a number of anniversaries celebrated by the running of a 1st series Harris train to Lilydale and Belgrave, hauled by R707. Puffing Billy's 8A met the R where the narrow gauge and broad gauge meet. Here the Harris set has run into the other platform to allow R707 to proceed back to the city.
Flying Scotsman, Broadford, May? 1988.
Walker railmotor 32RM and trailer. Daylesford. 9-12-90.