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Here's some more recent photos. All taken 2005 with my current Konica Minolta digital camera. A vast improvement on the old Olympus "point and shoot" model.

N 457 slowly crosses Stratford's Avon River bridge on.27.2.05. This bridge was the excuse for discontinuing trains east of Sale over 10 years ago. The bridge would cost $10 million to replace.
Interestingly enough, when it was decided to reopen the line to Bairnsdale, the bridge was able to be repaired for a lot less.  Currently the speed limit of trains on the bridge is 10km/h.

Here we see N 457 on the return journey to Melbourne.

N457 crossing the Avon River, Stratford. 27.2.05
A wide-angle view of the same train.
N 457 picks its way over the trestle section of the Avon River bridge.
X43 - H3 round the curve at Stratford, dynamic brakes slowing the train for the approach to the Avon River bridge with its 10km/h speed limit. 5.4.05
The Plasser EM100 track recording car crosses Maffra Rd at Stratford 20.4.05
H3- T400 - X36 haul a log train over Maffra Rd bridge, Stratford on 28.6.05
N 454 at Stratford 1.5.05
N 463 ascends the grade out of Stratford with the down Gippslander on 4.10.05
Shortly after the above train left, this weed-spray truck was put on the track and headed in the opposite direction - towards Sale. 4.10.05
A 77- A 73  - T 374 haul an up log freight between Stratford and Sale. This appears to be the first instance of double A class locos on this train. 21.7.05
The first steam train to Bairnsdale in over 10 years ran on 29.10.05.
It's seen here [Far left] crossing the Avon River at Stratford and then [Near left] ascending the second grade east of Stratford.
Far left: K153 climbing the small grade into Lindenow.
Near left: Then between Lindenow and Fernbank.
Far left: Stopped at Fernbank for "engine requirements" (read, problems).
Near left: Departing Fernbank.
X 41 became the first Pacific National liveried locomotive to finally make it to Bairnsdale on July 17th, 2006.

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